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Six Days With iMarketsLive and what I think of what they have to offer- since I have not found anything more in my research than "they're an obvious scam- it's not worth your time" and no actual reviews of what they do.

First my expectations:
I've been looking at iML as a way to get a 'mentored start' with forex trading- As well as to get access to take a look at what kinds of trades some more experienced traders are making- in order to add that to my own fledgling market exposure. I had also hoped that if I could identify when one of their traders was making a very obvious good move I'd be able to mirror the trade, and make a bit of profit. I stepped in fully prepared to withstand all their bro-hype making it very clear that I would never involve myself in their bullshit pyramid recruiting. My two goals were to see if my education could be expedited, and to make enough to pay off the monthly fee.
Here's what I got: Immediately my "mentor" sent me a plan that I was to follow (without skipping ahead) listing my progression through their forex education program.
The first 30 days (which cost ~$220) was learning forex trading basics buy watching a series of 5-10 minute PPT presentation videos introducing you to forex trading for 1 hour each day. and it seems like good information, but as far as I can tell it doesn't seem like anything you couldn't learn for free. I fully expect babypips to have all the same information and probably presented in much clearer terms.)
The next 30 days (~$190) is tuning in to live or recorded videos to watch iML traders analyzing charts and trading, probably showing how they use stop losses, draw trendlines etc. At this point we are directed to consult our mentor to choose a non U.S. regulated broker that will let us use the leverages used in the strategies they employ, and then start a demo trading on metatrader.
The next 60 days (2 months x $190) is continuing to demo trade while subscribing ($15 monthly) to the swipetrades app (which seems to me like mirror trading (basically you look at trades other iML people [of your choice] have made and swipe left to reject, swipe right to copy all the trade info -entry points, stop losses etc- for pasting into MT4) and continuing to watch the iML TV traders. You are also supposed to subscribe to the super bro-powered harmonic analyzer at this point (another $15/month) which you hook up to your MT4 account and set up alerts or something, but apparently you have to leave it ruining on your PC at home all day? I'm seeing that a lot of new recruits keep complaining in the group chat that they can't get their computer to stay awake and ensure they get their mobile alerts. (Any chance having their "harmonic analyzer" running 24/7 while your away could be sketchy?)
After these 4 months of education and practice that cost you ($850-$910) you may fund your account and begin trading.
Observed cons: -Well... The whole thing is a con if you ask me. Can any of you tell me any one thing I've mentioned that you cannot access for free elsewhere? -You have to pay $190/month for the privilege of subscribing to a $60/month service. That's pretty well bullshit. -CONSTANT STREAMS OF BRO TALK, ENDLESS BRAINWASHING ABOUT HOW GREAT iML IS, AND THE iML "FAMILY." -generally no "negative" attitudes/messages are allowed in the iML Telegram chat rooms. This pretty much just means that they don't appreciate it much if you talk too much about any losing streaks you may be on, or (more probably) if you notice you're making consistent losses by following any particular iML trader. In my opinion the fact that this was mentioned at all is a huge strike against any potential transparency about how this all actually works out for the average recruit.
Pros: In actually digging the idea of a very active forex chatroom where people comment on their predictions for what's going to happen with which pairs, and how previous trades turned out for them where you get mobile notifications when traders post. If it was treated more professionally in a more mature crowd, without all the pretention of "family" (the truth is we're ALL competing here), and the bro talk, and with the disclaimer that you're responsible for your own risks, this could be a great learning tool. If there is something similar out there that I'm unaware of, if love to hear about it.
Anyhow that's my $0.02. Now I'm off to go cancel my account and get my refund. Cheers!
TL;DR: they're an obvious scam, not worth your time.
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